It all started on Evergreen Lane

The place that shaped me, the street where I grew up.

My earliest, and most vibrant, adventures took place on Evergreen Lane.  Before new cities and foreign countries, I first pioneered the backyard of my childhood home.  In the space between my porch steps and my favorite tree, I learned that routine doesn’t have to be the enemy of exploration.  It can be the framework for a life lived in freedom and adventure.  The template for creating a spirited life, full of discovery, wherever I land.

We can ask ourselves, “Routine or Adventure?” Or, we can ask for both.

I know that you’re a lot like me.

You desire freedom and friendships with fellow pioneers.
You live for travel and the smell of crisp mountain air.
You want a soul and a life that’s wide awake, and not just in new cities.
You want to wake up in your own adventure, every day.

Join me on a mission to curate your own everyday adventure.  Memories of wonder as evergreen as the Rocky Mountains. Because, in between the mess & the stress, your most dynamic days waiting for you.

The ones that you’re living right now, right where you are.

Annabelle Needles, the Founder & CEO of Evergreen Lane Productions,

is a creative pioneer of freedom, adventure, and wild authenticity.
She’s a truth-teller and wonder-seeker.
A producer and videographer on a mission to help you curate your own everyday adventure.

Receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Communications, with an emphasis on Radio, TV & Film, paved the foundation for the next eight years of practiced proficiency in the world of post-production television. Annabelle’s training and experience make her so much more than an “editing ninja.” (As many of her clients like to call her.) The sum of her experiences in higher education and the editing landscape enable her to see and curate a good story, even on the cutting room floor.

Since the birth of Evergreen Lane Productions, Annabelle’s been able to take the elusive & overwhelming editing process and turn it into a dream experience for her clients.

Annabelle’s worked with dream clients like Style & Pepper, The New Diplomat’s Wife, the Proper blog and Jess Lively to curate the stories their lives have been longing to tell.

Whether editing your brand story films or your latest backpacking adventure, Annabelle thrills and delights through seamless virtual stitching and epic curation techniques.

What It’s Like Working with Evergreen Lane Productions

I canNOT say enough great things about Evergreen Lane Productions. I had a vision for the type of video footage I wanted from our event, and Annabelle exceeded every expectation! The process of working together was extremely smooth and she got every perfect shot!


Annabelle is organized, fun and professional. She captured the mood and experience of the evening just how I dreamed it to be and I am so very grateful! We keep revisiting our film time and time again!

- Joslyn

I loved every minute of working with Evergreen Lane Productions! Annabelle made it easy to feel natural while she was filming, asked great questions, and delivered an incredible product. I would gladly work with her again and recommend her media services to anyone.


Annabelle was an absolute delight to work with! She had a great ability to make me feel comfortable during filming. She was very clear in how things needed to be done and courteous to all who were involved. I can’t wait to work with her more in the future!



5% of all services booked through Evergreen Lane Productions go towards supporting Kiva + micro-loans for other women entrepreneurs.

Visit Evergreen Lane's donor profile to learn more!