“Routine or adventure?” I say, you can have both.

Curate your own everyday adventure

with the tools you already have on hand.

You cherish deep sighs shared over morning coffee as much as the peaceful moments walking in between the sand and the sea with your dearest people.  As much as those moments spent meandering through cobblestone streets in Paris or trying every flavor of chocolate that Brussels has to offer.  

You want to remember the (extra)ordinary moments of your life in a tangible way.  

Like a postcard… but something that you can hold in your hand, wherever you are.

Evergreen Lane is helping you savor your adventures in the everyday and beyond.

No matter if you’re using an iPhone or a professional-grade DSLR, the best camera is the one that you use.

You don’t need to be or hire a professional videographer to capture stunning memories in your travels or, even, in your daily routine.  

What you do need?  A curator.

That’s where Evergreen Lane is here to help with Juniper, a service and resource package made with the creative pioneer in mind. Document the remarkable moments of your days and travels.  I’ll take care of the rest!

Imagine if you could have videos of your most extraordinary adventures?  Captured on video like moving postcards that you can hold in your hand, wherever you are.   A postcard as evergreen as the infinite beauty all around you.  

Whether for travel or to simply savor and remember the lasting beauty and adventure in your everyday life, imagine if you could capture…

  • Mornings spent making coffee with your love
  • The evolution of the sunrise on your next spontaneous road trip or midnight drive
  • The smell of honeysuckle blossoming as you take that first sip of wine on your back porch

Imagine if you could press play to see the evidence of your life’s (extra)ordinary beauty.

Imagine if you could pioneer your own adventure, right where you are, and document it along the way.


  • A very warm, video welcome to Evergreen Lane!
  • Worksheets that give you a map for planning your adventure with the perspective to savor the (extra)ordinary moments on your trip.
  • A shooting companion (for both DSLR + iPhone) to guide you through new territory when filming your adventure.
  • My tried and true, most trusted, recommendations for gear and equipment (if you decide to get fancy)
  • Your own foldable, pocket guide (think of it like a video “translator”) to help you make the most of what you’ve got on-the-go
  • Most of all, you’ll walk away with a 1-3 minute video, complete with music, which captures the magic and the mystery of your adventure.  A timeless keepsake to savor & enjoy for years to come.  

Ready to pack me in your suitcase with you?

All of the resources + services of the Juniper package are yours for just $450.


“Increasingly, I’m realizing how special vacation and family time is, especially across generations.  Our little ones grow up so quickly, and I also don’t take for granted time with our older relatives.  While I had often been trying to get photos and video clips on my own, I found they most likely sat on my phone and computer, collecting dust and slowly being forgotten.  Annabelle’s video editing package helped me give these video clips new life – capturing our vacations into a narrative that everyone in the family enjoys and relives, regardless of their age.  They are priceless souvenirs that really should be a standard part of our trips and family gatherings.”

– Ania


Q: My trip is next week/tomorrow/really soon, am I too late?

A: No. All you need is your camera + the materials are designed to be easy to digest! However, if your trip is coming up very soon, it may take longer than ten business days for me to finish your edit. Contact me + we can get you on the calendar.

Q: Do I need to pack a bunch of gear?  

A: Nope, all you need is your DSLR or camera phone. However, there are gear recommendations for both DSLR + iPhone in the Juniper guides.

Q: Do I need a professional-grade camera?  

A: No!  All you need is an iPhone.  Even if you have a professional camera, feel free to take the pressure off (and save some of that space in your carry on for an extra bathing suit… or two).  

Q: Do I need to have mad photography or video skills for this to work?

A: You can TOTALLY do this with an iPhone or a regular camera! Prior knowledge of photography is certainly helpful; it teaches you a lot of the basics like light + composition that are also applicable + useful in video. However, it’s not required – as long as you have a desire to capture + create, I’ll be giving resources (both video + printables) that will help guide you in the direction you need to go!

Q: So I just take a bunch of random videos on my phone/camera and then you edit them all together?

A: Kind of!  You can take as many random shots as you’d like.  I’ll include a travel toolkit to guide you and help you discover more amazing shots for your video.  

Q: Will there be music in my video?  

A: You bet!

Let’s get to adventuring!