Editing packages for creative businesses

who are harnessing the power of video in their visual marketing strategy

It’s no secret that video is on the forefront of content marketing.

Online business is ever-evolving.  And the marketing forces we have access to evolve as quickly, if not more so, than the industry itself.  Today, we have less time and fewer opportunities than ever before to make an impact with our online presence.  Video is one of the few ways, today, that you can bring your clients into your brand’s story and make an instant connection from anywhere on the globe.

You’ve probably already seen some of the beautiful brand films that big companies are creating to leverage the power of video in their content marketing.

But, what if you don’t have a big budget?  What if you’re dying to try video and you’re just not sure that it’s time to invest in a professional brand film?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about DIY-ing your own brand film but the editing process has you stuck, the gear overwhelms you and you wonder how in the world you’re going to choose the right music?

Meet the Spruce: An editing, and post-production, package for creative pioneers.  You capture the video and I give it a professional edge.

The Spruce is designed for creative pioneers who understand the connective power of video and long to harness its power to connect more deeply with current and prospective dream clients.

Imagine if you could create a professional brand film on a DIY budget and a new kind of guest experience right on your website.  An experience that’s less about what you do and more about who you are.

Imagine if, in just a few short minutes, your brand film could show your clients:

  • Your core values, without saying a word.
  • Your brand’s process, from start to finish.
  • The smells, sights and textures of your space.
  • Why you’re the one worth choosing.


  • A 60-minute consultation to help you discover your unique vision for your project (via Skype or, my favorite, real-life coffee date.)
  • Worksheets + training videos that give you a map for visioning + storyboarding your brand’s experience through video
  • Creative curation of your footage to tell the story of your brand, plus music that captivates, custom graphics and my eye for visual storytelling.
  • Your complete, curated, video will be delivered to you online.
  • Perfect for brand films + about videos
  • Investment: $525

The Bonsai Spruce Includes:

  • Worksheets + training videos that give you a map for visioning + storyboarding your brand’s experience through video
  • Basic curation of your footage, plus music that captivates, graphics and my eye for visual storytelling.
  • Your complete, curated, video will be delivered to you online.
  • Perfect for vloggers + content creators
  • Investment: $175
  • Bonsai collection (5 videos) available for $750 (a $875 value!)
  • Bonsai collection (10 videos) available for $1400 (a $1750 value!)

Get consistent with your video content.


"Omigosh yay!!!

That’s what I said after watching the video Annabelle created of our event…then I watched it another 500 times while doing a happy dance around my office. This girl has mad skillz and the fact that she’s a freaking pleasure to work with is an added bonus.”

– Erin


Q: Do I need to own a bunch of gear? 

A: Nope, all you need is your DSLR or camera phone. However, there are gear recommendations for both DSLR + iPhone in the Spruce guides. 

Q: Do I need to have mad photography or video skills for this to work? 

A: You can TOTALLY do this with an iPhone or a regular camera! Prior knowledge of photography is certainly helpful; it teaches you a lot of the basics like light + composition that are also applicable + useful in video. However, it’s not required – as long as you have a desire to capture + create, I’ll be giving resources (both video + printables) that will help guide you in the direction you need to go!

Q: So I just take a bunch of random videos on my phone/camera and then you edit them all together?

A: Kind of!  You can take as many random shots as you’d like.  I’ll include a travel toolkit to guide you and help you discover more amazing shots for your video.  

Q: How soon will I get my film?  (i.e., What’s your turnaround time?)  

A: My standard turnaround for the Spruce is 2-4 weeks.  If you’re interested in rush pricing, please contact me to check in on my availability.

Q: Can you make my video match my existing branding?  

A: Absolutely! Before editing, I’ll collect your brand information such as hex color codes, fonts, and brand language to make sure that the finished product integrates seamlessly with your existing website, social media profiles and brand.

Q: Will there be music in my video?

A: You bet!

Q: What if just want to outsource the whole process of video production to you?

A: In this case, the Spruce might not be the right fit for you. Instead, check out the Sequoia Package, where I put my ninja skills to work for you through custom videography.

Let’s get started!